Computer AMC

Business Computer AMC

A Computer AMC is a contract that ensures routine maintenance of your computer’s software and hardware components as well as the resolution of any associated issues that may occur while the contract is in effect. We offer comprehensive and non-comprehensive AMC of computers, both of which we undertake. As part of the AMC of computers, we maintain your computers and keep them in a functioning condition through routine examination and service.

Assembled or Branded: We provide desktop computer assistance for all major brands, including HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Asus, and LG. In accordance with our AMC of computers, we visit your office on a regular basis to check on the computers’ health and to address any issues before they negatively impact your company’s operations.

Comprehensive AMC For Desktops :  You don’t have to worry about your computers with us since we take care of them and keep them running and functional. Under comprehensive AMC, we fix all problematic parts and, if any part is covered by warranty, we get it serviced by the designated service station.

Non Comprehensive AMC for Desktops : Under non-comprehensive AMC for computers, we fix the broken parts for a cheap price and also arrange for your hardware to be serviced at the appropriate hardware service centre.

Computer Upgrade : Additionally, we provide upgrades for your computer, like ram, hard drives, CPU fans, cooling fans, and smps replacement. We offer computer AMC services for up to 2000 computers, whether they are in the public, commercial, or governmental sectors. Additionally, we can supply a resident engineer who will be on-call during business hours to quickly address any issues that could crop up at your business.

The relatively inexpensive price of PC repair is another benefit of having an Annual Maintenance Contract AMC. Your finances can suffer if you don’t have an AMC in place for computer maintenance. An AMC makes sure you won’t have to pay a hefty charge each time your computers need fixing. Please call us for best to choose best AMC plan.

Features Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Support Timings10 AM to 7 PM10 AM to 7 PM10 AM to 7 PM
Response timeSLA < 1 HrSLA < 1 HrSLA < 1 Hr
Extra Site VisitsSite Visit @ Rs 500 extra after Contracted VisitsSite Visit @ Rs 300 extra after Contracted VisitsSite Visit @ Rs 250 extra after Contracted Visits
NetworkingNo supportBasicBasic
ServersNo supportNo supportNo support
SoftwareNo supportComputer Fine-Tuning & Performance BoosterComputer Fine-Tuning & Performance Booster
AuditsNo supportFree security suite to protects against Virus / Malware / Spyware / Trojans etcFree security suite to protects against Virus / Malware / Spyware / Trojans etc
AuditsNo supportQuarterly Monthly 
Account ManagerNo supportDedicated Account Dedicated Account