Managed Print Solution

Managed Print SolutionFollowMe Printing, also known as pull printing or secure printing, is a printing solution commonly used in businesses and organizations to enhance document security and improve printing efficiency. The main idea behind FollowMe Printing is that print jobs are only released for printing when the user is physically present at the printer and authenticates themselves. This authentication can be done through various methods, such as swiping an ID card, entering a PIN, or using biometric authentication.

Here’s how FollowMe Printing typically works:

Submitting print jobs: Users send print jobs from their computers or mobile devices to a centralized print server. These print jobs are held in a queue and are not immediately sent to any specific printer.

Authentication: When users are ready to print their documents, they go to any network-connected printer in their organization. They may swipe their ID card, enter a PIN, or use other authentication methods to identify themselves.

Print release: Once the user is authenticated, they can access a list of their print jobs that are queued on the print server. The user selects the desired documents from the list and instructs the printer to release and print them.

Printing: The printer receives the released print jobs and starts printing them. Once the printing process is complete, the user can collect their printed documents.

Benefits of FollowMe Printing:

Enhanced security: Since print jobs are only released after user authentication, sensitive documents won’t be left unattended on the printer tray, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or exposure.

Cost savings: FollowMe Printing reduces wasteful and unnecessary printing. Users can review print jobs before releasing them, eliminating abandoned or forgotten print jobs and reducing paper and toner waste.

Mobility and flexibility: Users can print from anywhere within the organization’s network, making it convenient for employees who move between different locations or offices.

Print tracking and auditing: FollowMe Printing solutions often include tracking and reporting features, allowing administrators to monitor printing activities, analyze usage patterns, and implement cost controls more effectively.

Overall, FollowMe Printing is a valuable solution for organizations seeking to improve their printing workflows while maintaining document security and minimizing printing costs. It’s particularly useful in environments with shared printers and a need for document confidentiality and accountability.

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