Customised Network Monitoring

A Customised Network Monitoring Solution is a set of tools and software designed to monitor and manage the performance, availability, and security of computer networks. It helps network administrators and IT teams keep track of the network’s health, identify issues, and ensure optimal network performance. There are various network monitoring solutions available, and they can vary in features and complexity depending on the organization’s needs. Here are some key components and features commonly found in network monitoring solutions:

Network Device Monitoring: This feature allows administrators to monitor the status and performance of network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and other network infrastructure elements. It provides real-time information about device health, resource utilization, and availability.

Bandwidth Monitoring: Bandwidth monitoring helps track network traffic and usage, enabling administrators to identify bandwidth hogs, bottlenecks, and unusual patterns that could impact network performance.

Alerting and Notifications: The network monitoring solution should be able to send alerts and notifications when predefined thresholds are exceeded or when critical network events occur. This allows IT teams to respond quickly to issues and minimize downtime.

Performance Metrics and Reporting: The solution should offer comprehensive performance metrics and historical data to analyze network trends, plan for future capacity, and generate reports for management and compliance purposes.

Network Mapping and Visualization: Visualization tools help create network maps that provide an overview of the network’s topology, making it easier to understand network dependencies and relationships.

Security Monitoring: Some network monitoring solutions include security features to detect and alert on suspicious activities, potential security breaches, or malware activity on the network.

Application Monitoring: Advanced solutions may also monitor specific applications and services running on the network, providing insights into their performance and resource usage.

Flow Analysis: Flow analysis tools allow administrators to analyze network traffic patterns and gain insights into the types of traffic and data flowing through the network.

Remote Monitoring and Management: Many network monitoring solutions support remote monitoring and management, allowing IT teams to monitor and troubleshoot networks across different locations.

Scalability and Integration: The solution should be scalable to accommodate the organization’s growing network needs and should be capable of integrating with other IT management tools and systems.

We design customised network monitoring solutions as per customer’s application pecific requirements, budget, and complexity of the organization’s network environment.